Do you want a dynamic way to advertise and engage your customers? Digital signage solutions for small business marketing might expand your visibility ahead of the competition.

Keep reading to discover everything you should know about digital signage solutions, including their most common uses and how they could benefit your small business.

Digital Signage Usage

Digital marketing displays will be featured on screens of any size and display banners, text, videos, music, and more. They engage customers to help convince them to buy your service or product. 

Savvy small businesses can use digital signage options in multiple ways, including the following:

Highlighting Customer Testimonials

Interactive signage solutions are a great way to highlight testimonials from satisfied customers. What if the first thing your customers see when they enter your store is a sign scrolling through the rave reviews of other customers? 

By installing a simple screen at the entrance of your business premises, you can highlight these testimonials and put walk-in customers into a buying mood.

Live Social Media Feed

All social media proves helpful in growing your business. Why not elevate these effects through marketing with digital screens to help more people find your social media page? It will increase engagement with your brand and cultivate a wider sense of community among your patrons. 

This strategy also encourages the holy grail of customer interactions: user-generated content. This is any social media post a follower creates about your brand.

Interactive Displays

Digital signage solutions for small business marketing are a perfect opportunity to create interactive displays. These displays create a positive experience so customers stay in the store longer. 

For example, interactive digital displays include the following:

  • Touch screens where customers scroll through popular products
  • Motion sensors that activate an advertisement or promotion
  • Games or quizzes that give people a chance to win
  • Interactive voice ads that respond in different ways (based on a customer's answers)

Sales Promotions

You can improve your retail digital advertising by using digital signage to highlight your current sales or other deals. Limited-time sales work well with digital signage because people hate to miss out on a deal.

You can create a sense of urgency through eye-catching messages or a countdown about the number of items left in stock. You should see a significant increase in how well your sales promotions perform.

Demos and Tutorials

By using them for demos or tutorials, dynamic digital signage can help your customers learn how to use your products and encourage purchases. This also increases your customer's trust in your brand.

Digital Signage Benefits

You can also use small business signage for your employees. Consider the following benefits:

  • Data displays: You can place signage in employees' common areas for reminders of how your business is performing.
  • Engagement: Putting digital signage in your break room allows workers to post content to your social media and build community.
  • HR initiatives: Digital signage solutions for small business marketing also centralize HR initiatives such as company-wide announcements, employee-of-the-month displays, or encouraging messages.

There's still time if your small business isn't using digital signage yet.




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