Managed Mobility Services For Enterprises

Empowering SMB and Mid-Market Enterprises with a Secure and Efficient Mobile Environment

We could fill up an entire website dedicated to the services that can be offered through a well-orchestrated Managed Mobility Services (MMS) offering. Troy Mobility takes this a step further by providing the very best managed mobility services to the Small to Mid-Market Enterprise. Since 2010, Troy Mobility has been providing Managed Mobility Services to its customer base. Whether it be providing administrative services as an extension of your IT team or providing a personalized "white-glove" service for the executive team, Troy Mobility is the "go-to" mobility partner for hundreds of customers throughout the United States.

But now, Troy Mobility is proudly bringing Managed Mobility Services to the forefront of the Small to Mid-Market Enterprise. Our goal is to be the clear leader of Managed Mobility Services for the underserved mid-market enterprise. Troy Mobility’s Managed Mobility services will include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic Mobility Consulting road mapping to provide solid alignment with your overall business and security initiatives
  • Best of breed Unified Endpoint Management Mobile Device Management Solutions
  • Comprehensive mobile support services for admins & end-users. (Options available for 24×7 support)
  • Hassle-free provisioning and dedicated project management
  • Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) integration available
  • Monthly/quarterly reviews of account
  • Flexible billing options to include annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly

When you have come to the realization your time is better spent on mission-critical initiatives, make the time to have a conversation with a mobility specialist at Troy Mobility. We will take the time to map a solid, secure mobile strategy to enable the right solution for the right price, with the right mix of support, and the right billing option that fits perfectly within your organization.

You can rest easy when you put your Mobility support needs in our hands. Contact us today for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the license ownership structure, am I able to own my own licenses?

We offer flexible license ownership structures for our Managed Mobility Service clients. We will work with you to determine the best ownership model for your organization's needs. Whether you choose to own the licenses or have us own them, we provide comprehensive management and security services for your mobile devices. Our priority is to ensure your devices remain compliant, secure, and efficient, while also meeting your specific business requirements.

I already have an MSP but I do not want to stop working with them, can you work with them?

Yes, but we have two options to choose from:

If you have a great relationship with your current MSP, we can work alongside them to provide managed mobility services for MSP's for your devices We coordinate with your MSP to ensure seamless integration of services to avoid conflicts or duplication of efforts. One benefit of this option is centralized billing to your MSP.

Alternatively, if you prefer to work exclusively with us for your managed mobility services, we can operate independently and take full responsibility for managing and securing your mobile devices.

What is your helpdesk/ ticketing process?

Our helpdesk/ticketing process is designed to be as convenient as possible. There are four options to choose from when contacting us for support. You can send us an email, a text message, call us directly, or submit a ticket through our online portal.

How can managed mobility services be customized to fit my enterprise’s needs?

Every enterprise has unique requirements when it comes to managing and securing mobile devices. That's why we offer a range of customizable services and solutions to ensure our offerings meet your business's specific needs. We have a plethora of solutions to choose from for your device management, mobile threat defense, and single sign-on requirements.

What benefits can my company gain from using managed mobility services?

By utilizing managed mobility services, you can benefit from ongoing device management, enhanced security for end points, improved productivity, and access to mobile security experts to bolster your IT security team and mastermind.