Implementing A Mobile-Centric, Zero-Trust Framework For Enterprises

Protect Your Mobile Devices With Troy Mobility's Expertise

As threats to network security continue to evolve, it's more important than ever to implement a comprehensive security strategy. One approach that has gained traction in recent years is the Zero-Trust Approach. This strategy recommends you start from the assumption your network is already compromised and requires you to verify a comprehensive set of attributes before granting access. At Troy Mobility, we specialize in helping enterprises implement a mobile-centric, zero-trust framework which provides unparalleled security to reinforce the “Never Trust, Always Verify” approach for mobile endpoints.

  • The Zero-Trust Approach: Zero-Trust requires you to verify the device, user, apps, networks, and presence of threats before granting access. This approach is recommended by Forrester and was introduced in 2014.
  • Multiple Approaches to Zero Trust: There are multiple strategies to Zero Trust, including identity, gateway, and device-centric approaches.
  • Mobile-Centric Strategy: A mobile-centric zero trust framework goes beyond traditional identity management and gateway point solutions by raising the security bar. It demands more answers from a comprehensive set of attributes before granting access.
  • Comprehensive Set of Validations: A mobile-centric, zero trust framework validates the device, establishes user context, checks app authorization, verifies the network, and detects and remediates threats before granting secure access to any device or user. All of this happens instantaneously.
  • Integration of Multiple Platforms: Often, a solid zero-trust framework is not accomplished by one solution, but the integration of multiple platforms that accomplish the end goal of securing the device, the network, and the data.

What NIST SP 800-124r2 Means For Businesses

NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology announced the Guidelines for Managing the Security of Mobile Devices in the Enterprise in the most recent years. With this adoption, Mobile Device Management, Unified Endpoint Management, and Mobile Threat Defense Solutions are included in the overall network security of of companies & customers of MSP's. With our portfolio or 12+ mobile security platforms to best fit any use-case, we are able to create a zero-trust framework around mobile devices to ensure your company stays compliant with NIST's new guidelines for mobile device security.

Why Choose Troy Mobility:

  • Expertise: At Troy Mobility, we have the expertise to help you develop a customized approach to zero trust that fits your organization's unique needs and workflows, along with Managed Mobility Services to help manage evolving changes alongside you.
  • Security: By implementing a mobile-centric, zero-trust framework, you can ensure your network and devices are protected from potential threats.
  • Simplified Management: Our solutions provide a simplified interface allowing you to manage all registered devices from a single console.

The threats to network security are constantly evolving, but with a mobile-centric, zero-trust framework in place, you can ensure your organization's endpoints are protected. Whether the devices may be personally owned (BYOD), or corporate owned. At Troy Mobility, we have the expertise to help you develop and implement a customized zero-trust framework that fits your organization's unique needs. Call Us Today To Learn More!