Managed Mobility Services For Managed Services Provider’s

Closing The Network Security Hole For MSP Customers With Mobile Device Management & Security

Are you an MSP with $1-10 million in revenue, with no mobile security knowledge between your techs? Did you say yes? Looks like it may be time to partner with Troy Mobility to manage and secure your customers’ most used devices with industry leading solutions & our 15 years of mobile security expertise.

Managed Mobility Services For Managed Service Provider’s (MMS For MSP’s), is built by mobile security experts at Troy Mobility, with the help of MSP’s for MSP’s.

Many managed service providers know how to protect desktops, laptops, firewalls, and everything in the confine of an office. When it comes to mobile devices, this tends to be a blind spot.

You may have dabbled with Microsoft Intune from time to time, but conditional access continues to prove to be too difficult.

Customers take mobile devices EVERYWHERE. With company email, financials, and customer data residing on their device. This poses an incredible risk, even if they have a passcode on their phone.

With MMS For MSP’s, you will be able to do the following for your customers:

  • Enhance security around business critical data
  • Prevent comingling of business & personal data on customers devices
  • Have the ability to remotely wipe or lock business data if a device is lost or stolen
  • Prevent phishing, smishing, man in the middle attacks, & rogue applications
  • Help with inventory management

To do the above & more, we leverage an industry leading Unified Endpoint Management (UEM), which includes aspects from a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform, but with laptop and desktop management included. You will have the ability to manage Personal & Corporate owned iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, & Linux devices. Paired with an industry leading Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) Solution leveraging machine learning to prevent security attacks through Wi-Fi connections, SMS phishing & smishing attempts, and rogue applications.

Troy Mobility has 15 years of experience protecting mobile devices for SMB & Mid-Size companies across the United States. There is a gap in the MSP industry and our services fit perfectly into MSP’s packages with monthly billing to further secure customers in need.

Let Us Help You Secure Your Customer's Mobile Devices!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I choose MMS For MSP’s instead of Microsoft Intune for my customers?

There are a few reasons MMS For MSP’s is a better option for your customers. Although Intune is included in Microsoft O365, which you already pay for, it does lack areas where an MSP can capitalize on.

MMS For MSP’s is a multi-tenant architecture which allows you to have a single dashboard for you to view all your customers & their devices. MMS For MSP’s does not have multiple API integrations which can lead to increased security vulnerabilities and mistakes when changing policies.

Additionally, setting up policies through conditional access is not an easy process to do. If you end up choosing Intune, we have an Intune service to help consult you in setting it up for your customers.

The last compelling reason is billing. MMS For MSP’s is billed monthly, whereas Intune is included in your Microsoft O365 licenses. You can add this to your package for additional service revenue.

Are Troy Mobility’s Services White Labeled To My Customer?

Yes, when we reach out to your end customer, we will show up as “IT Support” and introduce ourselves as support from your MSP.

Will you have to integrate into my PSA to resolve tickets?

We do not need access into your PSA for ticketing and support. By utilizing email, we can escalate, open, resolve, & close tickets.

It does not matter if you have Autotask, ConnectWise, Halo, or even FreshService for ticketing.

I do not know how to sell mobile device management to my customers. Can you help?

Absolutely! We have been consulting with companies of all sizes for 15+ years. If you are having trouble or even nervous about having a conversation about Managed Mobility Services with your customer, we can provide documentation including common use-cases, questions to help your customer understand why this can benefit them, and even FAQ’s you may be asked.

If you would like additional support, we can join a call with your customer and facilitate a conversation about mobile security.

How Do We Differentiate Management & Support Between Personal & Corporate Devices?

For a corporate device, we are able to manage and support the entire device because it is corporate owned with no personal data.

For a personal (BYOD) device, we only have access to business-critical applications pushed down by the MDM. If an application is unmanaged through the MDM (For example, Instagram), we can not support it. But Microsoft Outlook (pushed down with the MDM) we can manage.

Can I Go Straight To The Software Provider Instead Of Working With Troy Mobility?

Yes, you can. But with us you are getting 15+ years of industry experience. We have an industry leading MDM platform with industry best practices for device management and we support your end-customers so you do not have to.

We like to think if you knew how to manage your customer mobile devices, you already would be.

What is the difference between an RMM & MDM on a mobile device?

There are a few key differences between an RMM & MDM for device management:

  • RMM is designed for legacy devices (Laptops & Desktops), while MDM is designed for modern devices (Mobile Phones, Tablets & Ruggedized handheld devices).
  • An RMM does not have the capability to integrate with MTD the way an MDM does to provide the enhanced level of security required on a mobile device.
  • RMM does not integrate into Android Enterprise the way it integrates with Apple Business Manager, thus leaving out all android devices.
  • A more important distinction is RMM’s are incapable of managing and securing BYOD devices.
  • These solutions are complimentary to each other, ensuring no device is left behind.

What Does Onboarding / Implementation Look Like?

  1. If you currently have an MDM in place for your customers, a migration process would be initiated. We retire and release your customers devices from the current MDM, and then we enroll that device into our MMS For MSP Program. During this process, there is very little to no downtime for the customer.
  2. If there is no MDM currently in place, we can immediately enroll a device into the MDM. Enrollment can happen through one of two ways: an email with a link, or a scannable QR code.