MobileIron Core Service & Support Options For Enterprises

  • Managed Mobility Services (MMS)
  • Service Retainer
  • Project Support

Our Core Expertise:

Prior to becoming the top- level premier partner for mobile security in the Ivanti program during MobileIron’s acquisition in 2020, Troy Mobility's journey as the highest level partner with MobileIron spanned 7-8 years, during which we successfully implemented and deployed over 1,000 MobileIron Core instances for organizations of all types ranging from Mid-Market to Enterprise.

It was a period marked by collaboration, innovation, and a relentless commitment to mobile security excellence as true experts in the MobileIron Core Product.

Troy Mobility | Ivanti Premier Partner

Challenges Faced by MobileIron (Ivanti) Core Customers:

Today, MobileIron (now Ivanti) remains an on-premise leader in the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) space, and the Core product is still loved by most as it is a powerhouse of a solution. With that said, there are challenges still faced by customers.

Challenges for customers include not being able to get enough support & Professional Services, along with updates to mitigate future security risks, which is no fault to anybody, as cloud solutions are becoming more popular in the industry. Ivanti Core remains an on-prem solution, requiring manual updates and patches. Which can sometimes cause technical issues to arise, becoming a bigger project.

These challenges are real, and they deserve practical solutions other than migrating to a different UEM Solution.

Our Service & Support Options:

We've taken these challenges to heart, and crafted industry leading service and support options to help Core customers embrace the solution they currently have.

  • Managed Mobility Services (MMS): The tier of service & support met with the most success & 5-star reviews from customers.
  • Service Retainer: Perfect for customers who occasionally need assistance with patching, bugs, and device changes. Managed Mobility Services are available if increased support is needed.
  • Project Support: Sometimes, MobileIron Core needs some tender love and care. If this is your case, we can help with that. Our service Retainer, and Managed Mobility Services are available if more services and support is needed post project completion.

We don't just acknowledge the challenges; we provide solutions that empower you to overcome them and embrace what you have in place, rather than doing a rip and replace which costs time, money & resources. Our service and support options are designed to enhance your MobileIron (Ivanti) Core experience, ensuring you continue to receive top-tier assistance and innovation.

Discover how Troy Mobility can help Core thrive for you! Meet with An Expert for a Health Check of your Core Solution.