Customer Testimonial Video | Troy Mobility Director of Information Technology
GlideFast Consulting

Troy Mobility Allowed Us To Attract And Retain The Largest Healthcare Systems In The United States

"By working with Troy Mobility's managed mobility services to manage and secure our mobile devices, GLOBO Language Solutions was able to secure the ISO 27001 Certification in 2020. This robust information security certification has allowed us to attract and retain some of the largest healthcare systems in the United States as clients.

Troy Mobility's responsiveness to our needs for guidance, service, and support has been second to none. Troy Mobility took the time to get to know our company and our IT team, then quickly got up to speed to ensure our security and profiles & configurations matched our compliance policies. Once complete, Troy Mobility's services streamlined our device provisioning by 70%.

In this industry, speed to respond and resolve an issue is key to a successful partnership. Troy Mobility gets an A+ in my book for this."

Will Putney Customer Success Manager & IT Administrator
GLOBO Language Solutions

Troy Mobility Always Goes Above & Beyond To Provide Superior Support, Technical Expertise, And Guidance

"One of the biggest benefits we have experienced while working with Troy Mobility is the open and honest dialogue, which fosters a mutually beneficial partnership. Troy Mobility has also created a sense of ease for remote management, providing us with increased network security from one unified console.

Customer support is outstanding! Troy Mobility consistently goes above & beyond to provide superior support, technical expertise, and guidance throughout the projects they have helped us with.

The Troy Mobility Team is best in class, and we are very pleased to partner with them.”

Debra White Director of Information Technology
Chemical Manufacturing Company

Troy Mobility Is The Biggest Ally To The Success Of Our IT Program

"Troy Mobility is a critical component for our organization. Troy Mobility allows us to seamlessly deploy and manage our mobile devices throughout the country, apply policies to devices, and ensure software compliance and security. Troy Mobility's customer-oriented support team makes sure changes in my environment happen without complexity.

Troy Mobility's support team is heads and shoulders above all the other managed mobility service providers. We have developed a tremendous working relationship with Troy Mobility and the support team, and we always feel like valued customer. Troy Mobility cares about our IT success.

Get off the fence and give Troy Mobility a call. They will listen to your concerns, wants, and needs, and do what's right by your organization. You will find Troy Mobility to be your biggest ally."

Jerry Miller Director
Institute of Traffic Safety Management & Research

Troy Mobility Support Takes The Stress Out Of Mobile Security

“The single biggest benefit I have experienced from using Troy Mobility’s services is we do not have to manage our fleet of firm-provided phones. Troy Mobility’s support team works by my side to keep our cloud solution configured with all our devices and data to insure protection of attorney-client privilege.

Troy Mobility’s support team is one of the best I have ever worked with. They are knowledgeable and persistent when working to solve an issue.

If you were debating on working with them, I would tell you to simply have a visit with their support team and your decision to work with them will be easy.”

Mike Hamilton Information Systems Director
Hall Estill

Troy Mobility's Support Is The Reason Nobody Else Manages My Mobile Devices

"Quite often, various organizations want us to allow them to manage our mobile security contract. Unfortunately for them, that will never be the case, mainly due to the fact when I reach out with an issue, Troy Mobility's support team is on the phone or on a remote session within 30 minutes to 1 hour. Troy Mobility's unparalleled support makes it impossible to even think about going anywhere else and they are truly a valued partner and advisor, not just a vendor."

Nick Polk IT Operations & Support Manager
Hoar Construction

Troy Mobility has Top-Notch Service, Professionalism, And Guidance

“My team and I know we have an easy to work with support team ensuring our mobile security setup is always running efficiently. The guidance Troy Mobility provides based on a wide variety of experiences is invaluable.

Troy Mobility’s support team is excellent at understanding our needs/wants and always recommends the best solutions for our use-case. Some firms may push you in one direction to help themselves, but Troy Mobility remains diligent in helping their customers first. We’ve experienced this firsthand.

Troy Mobility provides top-notch services to guide you every step of the way.”

Tom Kuchenreuther IT Manager
Thomas H. Lee Partners

Troy Mobility’s Support Team Is The Best I Have Worked With In 25 Years

“Troy Mobility has a Top-Tier support team. They are always quick to respond and have a good understanding of the operating systems in my environment and the necessary configurations for the use-cases of my devices.

With Troy Mobility I’m treated with the upmost respect and importance. I am on a first name basis with the support team, and I don’t have to go through a long explanation of my configurations to get them to understand my situation.

For me and my company it has been an extremely beneficial partnership. I know I’m in good hands and Troy Mobility always works hard to get my questions answered, or problem resolved. I’ve worked with other IT firms over the past 25 years and Troy Mobility is the best I’ve ever worked with.”

Kevin Smith Network Administrator
Emerson Swan & Flexcon Industries

Knowledgeable, Professional, and Flexible Is Troy Mobility’s M.O.

“We came to Troy Mobility seeking out a way to manage and protect our devices. After leveraging Troy Mobility’s professional service team, the company data on our personal & corporate mobile devices is significantly better secured and managed.

We had a tremendous onboarding experience and implementation process which now enables us to utilize our mobile security platform with ease.

Every person at Troy Mobility is knowledgeable, professional, and flexible. They continue to provide fantastic support at every step in our mobile security journey.”

Dominick Malito IT Support Engineer
Supernova Technologies

Dependability and Consistency Are The Reasons I Love Troy Mobility

“Having the Troy Mobility support team as someone to bounce hard ideas off has been tremendous. I have a background in mobile security and know that when I get in a jam or need some advice, Troy Mobility is consistently there for me when I need help.

The ability of the professional services team to listen and reach out to a vendor on my behalf is unparalleled. Troy Mobility support goes to extreme lengths to help to tackle my issues.

With Troy Mobility, the two keys I know I can get are dependability, and prompt and accurate communication.”

Jared Shafton Vice President IT
Consulting Services Company

Dedicated, Knowledgeable Mobility Support That Let Us Focus On Our Business

“The biggest benefit in working with Troy Mobility is access to knowledgeable and dedicated support whenever we need it, not just 9-to-5.

Being able to get truthful, factual, and straight forward answers to questions makes our life extremely easy while co-managing our devices with Troy Mobility.

Try them for yourself and I bet you will find a whole new experience if it was anything like ours.”

William Ledbetter Field Operations Manager
AES Mechanical

We Went To 100% Control Of Our iPads With The Troy Mobility’s Services

“We have been able to manage our fleet of iPads with the help of Troy Mobility’s Services. Before working with Troy Mobility, our iPads were out in the field with no control or security. Troy Mobility was able to provide us with all our needs and wants when it came to our device management.

From implementation to support, I have nothing but positive things to say. I receive quick responses from support. and even if my issue can’t be fixed right away, Troy Mobility keeps in touch to inform me of what is being done all the way until my issue is resolved.

You can not go wrong with Troy Mobility’s knowledge around managing and securing mobile devices and their excellent services.”

Rick Beckwith IT Systems Analyst
Midstate Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Troy Mobility’s Support Team is Straight Forward, Knowledgeable, and Concise

“Troy Mobility created less hassle for my team and me. They equipped me to secure the data on our mobile assets quickly and made our deployment easy which led to reductions in troubleshooting our devices.

Troy Mobility’s process is straight forward. Everything was ready to go for us and we jumped in and got going. Our questions are solved quickly and if not, we are pointed in the proper direction.

The Troy Mobility Support team is knowledgeable and solves problems in a quick and concise manner.”

Justin Slayton System Administrator
Alcorn County Electric Power Association

Our Issues Are Solved In Under 30 Minutes With Troy Mobility's Support

"Ever since working with Troy Mobility, we feel confident our devices are properly locked down. Security is always a big concern in the Financial Services Industry, so we utilize Troy Mobility's support team and managed mobility services to make sure we are staying up to date on all the latest security requirements.

Anytime we experience an issue, we reach out to Troy Mobility and get an answer to resolve an issue in less than 30 minutes.

In today's world, technologies and companies come and go. Troy Mobility is not one of them. Troy Mobility is a partner vendor to know and trust that will be there when I need mobility support."

Charles Gaffney Senior Vice President, Operations & Technology
The Bank of Canton

You Cannot Go Wrong With Troy Mobility's Support Services

"Working with Troy Mobility's Managed Services, we have been able to confidently manage and secure our devices. We have many devices out in the field, and we always know our devices will be an asset to aid in the care of our patients and help maintain HIPPA compliance.

Whenever we need support, Troy Mobility is 100% accurate and effective in solving our support issue in 30 minutes or less.

The approach Troy Mobility takes to preventative maintenance is a priority for us and having them on your side to do the same for you should be imperative."

Jason Armstrong System Administrator
New River Valley Community Services

The Support Response Time Continues To Be Amazing, And Troy Mobility Truly Gives A $hit About Us

“Troy Mobility met with my team and I, and immediately helped establish a rapport. What truly shines is their support staff. Kelley and the team were extremely knowledgeable, and I was pleasantly shocked from the number of times she reached out and held our hand throughout the process. This was demonstrated when we were going through our Apple account set up and the hoops that we had to jump through. She was with us the entire time.

The support and response time whenever we reach out continues to be amazing and since our company is a teeny tiny company, that shows your firm gives a $hit.

Sure, other security companies may have better XYZ, but it’s all useless unless there is top-tier support. There are SO many details to go through, and I was relieved to have Kelley and the team take me through the implementation process.

As a service provider ourselves, we felt confident launching the UEM solution without thinking about nightmare breaches from misconfigurations.”

Tim Wan Director
Never Mind IT & Associates